Harvery’s Effects on Faust Lane

227 Faust Lane
September 2017
Homes Submerged
Overy $100 Million in Damage

Harvey’s Destruction on Faust Lane

The week of August 25th, Hurricane Harvey landed on the Texas Gulf Coast. The Category 4 storm moved very slowly, allowing for even more rainfall. The hurricane landed on Friday and then retreated to the Gulf of Mexico. By the following Wednesday, it returned to make landfall near the Louisiana-Texas border. 

The Memorial Bend neighborhood only suffered minor flooding during Hurricane Harvey, but when the Army Corps of Engineers decided it was necessary to perform a controlled release of the Barker-Addicks reservoir, most of the neighbors found themselves with waist deep water inside their homes. Some of the homes around 227 Faust Lane sat under water for up to 2 weeks waiting for water downstream to flow out so that the backup could begin to drain off. Many residents of Memorial Bend weren’t aware of the potential reservoir release and were caught completely by surprise at the quickly rising water within their homes. They said there was no mention on their social media outlets or on television reports. This lack of communication in the Memorial Bend neighborhood cost much more loss in property and personal belongings such as family photos and furniture which could have been moved upstairs had the owners been given some warning. 

The Unite States Army Corps of Engineers had initially quoted a controlled release of 4000 cubic feet of water per second from each the Addicks and the Barker reservoir. A small statement was issued that some street flooding was possible and a voluntary evacuation was issued. However, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers changed the plans and increased the amount of water that would be released at the same time it stopped having frequent communication with the City. This happened in the middle of the night and left residents like those of 227 Faust waking up to several feet of water already in their homes. There was no warning and no way to escape since the street were flooded and cars were already under water. 

The Houston Audubon Society is located right behind the Memorial Bend neighborhood. Residents of Faust Lane speak fondly of the neighboring 18 acre bird sanctuary. They reminisce about swinging over the creek on rope swings while narrowly dodging water moccasins and riding bikes in the street. 

Alice Engelbrink's home at 227 Faust Lane was flooded by hurricane Harvey
227 Faust Lane was just one of the many homes in the Memorial Bend neighborhood flooded in the hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey was extremely destructive to the home at 227 Faust Lane
227 faust ln houston tx 77024
Richard Engelbrink was charged by the floods from Hurricane Harvey

227 Faust not the only damage

The flooding of homes around the Memorial Bend neighborhood hit the community very hard. The homes were destroyed and the rebuilding process would take years if it was even possible to complete at all. Some homes with historical architectural significance were declared uninhabitable and had to be condemned. 

Historical Furniture on Faust

The homes of Faust lane were not the only losses in the Memorial Bend neighborhood area. Many of the residences on and near Faust Lane held furniture and artwork with historical significance inside of them. Few residents had time or resources to move everything to a second floor.

Engelbrinks Family History

The Engelbrinks weren’t the only family to suffer a loss during Hurricane Harvey. Many families lost photos and other historical family momentos due to the floodwaters causes by Hurricane Harvey. 

Harveys Effects on Houston

227 Faust Lane was only one of thousands of properties effected by Hurricane Harvey. The density of the population in the flooded areas had a lot to do with the high cost of loss and damage. 

Rebuilding After Harvey

Hurricane Harvey victims will need to spend years and thousands of dollars to rebuild homes which were as flooded as the property at 227 Faust Lane in the Memorial Bend neighborhood.

Harvey Reached Beyond Faust

The density of the population coupled with the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey created a catastrophe affecting more than 13 million people.

Cars on Faust Lane

Cars on Faust Lane were completely submerged after Hurricane Harvey and across the Gulf Coast more than one million cars were flooded or wrecked.

Memorial Bend Rebuilds

Work crews arrived to help rebuild more than 30 homes which were condemned and would need to be completely torn down. 227 Faust was able to remain standing. 

Memorial Bend After Harvey

The streets in the area surrounding 227 Faust Lane are all named after famous Operas. There are Tosca, Figaro, and Traviata to name a few. 

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