227 Faust Living Room

Spacious family area
Since 1963
Cozy interiors
Hurricane Harvey Rebuild

227 Faust Ln Has Room For Living

The spacious living room of 227 Faust is plush enough for relaxing, but also boasts refined standards for entertaining the most discriminating of guests. The color palette¬†is designed to soothe and invigorate while expanding the sense of space. Relax, unwind, stretch out and invite the whole family over to enjoy the expansive living room together for holidays or other events. There’s plenty of room for everyone. This kitchen is where Alice Engelbrink came up with her famous recipes she now features on her Family Recipes website. Richard Engelbrink Houston used the space to feature memorabilia, while Alice Engelbrink was proud of her gallery wall of pieces collected over time and across vast geographical regions.

Many holidays were enjoyed in the spacious living room. Richard Engelbrink and Alice Engelbrink loved living at 227 Faust in the Memorial Bend neighborhood in West Houston.

227 Faust is a home in the memorial bend neighborhood of Houston TX
In Memorial Bend neighborhood, 227 Faust was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey devastated the home at 227 Faust when the reservoir was released
The residents at 227 Faust Lane in Memorial Bend neighborhood were shocked by Harvey's flooding
227 Faust flooded in Hurricane Harvey and was later restored by Alice Engelbrink

Memorial Bend Accommodations

Enjoy outdoor entertaining in the manicured landscaping. The roomy property at 227 Faust has plenty of room for outdoor entertaining. Various architectural features enable year round enjoyment of the outdoor living spaces.  Richard Engelbrink took great pride in this property.


WIFI runs throughout the property so everyone can stay connected.

Hardwood Flooring

Natural Oak hardwood flooring throughout the living room creates classic charm while maintaining a level of sophistication.

Living Room Comforts

Gather friends and family around the fire place in the spacious living room at 227 Faust Ln. Houston TX 77024

Let in the Light

Lots of windows throughout the house allow for plenty of natural light to enter the living spaces of the Faust Lane home.


Voted Best Yard of the Month
on Faust Ln.

Address: 227 Faust Ln., Houston, TX 77024

Neighborhood: Memorial Bend

A large estate in the heart of Houston's Westside with shopping and dining close by you can live, work, and play without commuting into downtown.

All images on this site are used for aesthetic purposes only and do not intend to portray the actual property at 227 Faust Lane, Houston Texas 77024