227 Faust Lane and Hurricane Harvey

Houston, TX 77024

77024, Houston TX
August 17, 2017
Memorial Bend
$125 Billion in Damage

Hurricane Harvey Devastated Memorial Bend 

The home at 227 Faust was hit especially hard by Hurricane Harvey in September of 2017. The Category 4 hurricane slammed into the coast leaving $125 billion in damage across the state of Texas. Boasting gusts of up to 130 miles per hour at the time of land fall, Hurricane Harvey would go on to tear through the Texas Gulf Coast for three more days. At one point the hurricane retreated back into the Gulf of Mexico, only to return to hit near the Louisiana-Texas border as a tropical storm. 

Alice Engelbrink's home at 227 Faust Lane was flooded by hurricane Harvey

227 Faust was hit by Hurricane Harvey, which broke records for the United States amount of rainfall from a single storm. 

227 Faust Lane was just one of the many homes in the Memorial Bend neighborhood flooded in the hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey flooded 227 Faust Lane, as it did thousands of other properties as it poured down 51 inches of rain over much of the Texas Gulf Coast. 

Hurricane Harvey was extremely destructive to the home at 227 Faust Lane

Memorial Bend neighborhood sustained a lot of flooding from the 27 trillion gallons of water Hurricane Harvey brought to shore, destroying properties like the Faust house.

Richard Engelbrink was charged by the floods from Hurricane Harvey

The flooding at 227 Faust Lane in Houston, Texas was amplified by the opening of the Barker-Addicks reservoir which would put the Memorial Bend neighborhood under water for days.

richard engelbrink 227 faust alice engelbrink murdered

The house at 227 Faust and much of the Memorial Bend neighborhood are still recovering from damages sustained during Hurricane Harvey.

Memorial Bend after Hurricane Harvey

The City of Houston needed to release the water from the Barker-Addicks reservoir. The intention was to sacrifice a few homes to save many which would have otherwise been flooded as well. It was a tough call, and forewarning was given two days in advance. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had projected that due to the size and magnitude of Hurricane Harvey that the Barker-Addicks reservoir would fill beyond its capacity. There was no choice but to control release the reservoir into neighborhoods like that of 227 Faust Lane in Houston.

Homes Demolished

Streets Submerged

Days Under Water

227 Faust Lane

Built in 1963, the home at 227 Faust Lane was one of the oldest in Memorial Bend neighborhood.

Loss of Architecture

Many of the homes lost in the Memorial Bend neighborhood during Hurricane Harvey held mid-century architectural significance.

Rebuilding 227 Faust

Years after Hurricane Harvey, many homes around Faust Lane are still trying to rebuild and recover from the damage the flooding caused.

Faust Lane Neighbors

When the water finally subsided, neighbors came together to help where they could, however, most homes near 227 Faust were deemed a total loss and condemned.

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Historic Mid-Century Architecture at 227 Faust Lane

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